Friday, August 27, 2010

Currently Obsessed With: A Pair of Chairs

I'm  patiently waiting for the right pair of chairs to come my way for my living room. I love wing back chairs which I see on the Craig all the time but I want something with a bit more pizazz. I'm not sure what this pizazz is specifically but I'll know when I see it you know! I'm thinking upholstery in a funky fabric with a contrasting solid color trim, that would be perfection!

Love the print and colors on this one!

Then again, a solid could be nice...

Of course my wandering eye wants to see more of the chairs in the foreground...I'm never satisfied!

Ok not a pair but you knows whatimsayin.

Do you have a pair of chairs? What do they look like?!

Happy Friday!

Also, please to enjoy this friday mix I made on!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Because...

I find pretty pictures and I just want to share them with you. Oh, and if you didn't already know I like color, obvs.

Wait to straighten your lamp shade...

I want this so bad, there's even a chandelier in there!

Not sure about the cloud-ish finish on the ceiling but isn't the rest nice. Is that a freaking baby waterfall out the window?!

I love everything about this.

It's thursday, hang in there loves!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Selina Lake Romantic Style Entry

I really want to submit a photo to Selena Lake's Romantic Style contest. Problem is, I can only submit one and I have several that I like. So I'm going to need your help, my bff blogging buddies to help me choose a photo! All these photos were taken by me I just want to know which one you think has the most romantic style.





Ok so which one has the best romantic style?

Monday, August 23, 2010

This is It!

This is my sofa! Finally I found "the one" it was love at first site!

It's the Lounge 93" sofa from Crate and Barrel. Doesn't it look like you could just sink into it? It's the perfect dark blue color. The frame is made of sustainable wood and the fabric is a microfiber velvet. I didn't even know they made that! That means it will clean up easy and I'll still get the velvet look that I wanted. Now if only it were cheaper...They do have a 6 month no interest plan on their credit card, that sounds like trouble! So do you like? Have you seen anything like this for cheaper? Don't let me make a mistake!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorites from The Selby Contest

I'm sure most of you are aware of the Selby and CB2 contest going on but have you had a chance to peruse the entries? It's a must do. Of course there's some strange ones but there's more than a few that are sure to inspire! Here are two that I just can't stop thinking about...

This is Kylie's place in Phoenix so cute, a little vintage, a little modern, a little glam, all put together so nicely. Also, what a great idea she had with the mantle. I wish I thought of this when I was living in an apartment. You can find some that need a little TLC for very inexpensive and change a whole room!

Love the ornate mirror, the seating, the fun patterns! Great job Kylie!

This one from Marco in Chicago fulfills my darker side.  I like the color of the walls and the curtains. 

This one from Margaret in LA caught my eye as well. Light, bright, and clean!

Great use of space! Love the black and white floor!

I wish I was this organized....

And two of my favorite blogging ladies have entered their humble abodes!

If I had a single room that was even remotely worthy or complete I would enter but alas, maybe next year!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the Folk?!

A little bit boho but with a Russian flair the new folk trend is sure to serenade your eyeballs. The mix of patterns and jewel tones feel fresh with bright saturated colors and an array of textures. Expect chunky fabrics, knits and natural wood tones and then fall in love!

Maybe it's the heavier fabrics or the mostly darker colors but this trend is perfect for Fall and I know we are ready!

20 of the last 23 days have been 100 degrees or hotter in Dallas and we are not expecting the temperature to dip for the next 10 days in sight. We've had no rain and don't expect any either. I'm MELTING!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Currently Obsessed With; Giant Art

And not just any pieces of art, but a a room around, piece of art.

I really love the texture that this abstract art gives to the room.

Who doesn't love saturated color? A fool, that's who!

This evokes two of my obsessions, art and small benches, three if you add my obsession with pink!

Another obsession, blue couches!

I practically peed my pants when I saw this crackle-y goodness!

I have a good idea for a piece of art for my living room. If I can pull it off it will be awesome, if not I will never mention it on this blog. Go away summer so I can get back to projects outside!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Going Shopping with Eddie Ross!

We're like BFFs now. Just kidding! He's doing a shopping trip to a flea market in the DC area. I wanted to go so bad and my brother and sister in-law live there. So I emailed them if they wanted to get together that weekend, used some miles, booked a flight and BAM I'm going! The stars really aligned on this one!

All pics from Eddie Ross

I will report back with a full recap plus pics! I can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

This time of year always has me feeling a little nostalgic for going back to school. I would spend endless hours picking out all my outfits for the entire first week of school. I would practice new hair styles, rehearse how I would nonchalantly respond when a boy I'd been thinking about all summer would say hi, and dream about how some bitchy girl would have gained weight or gotten horrible acne thus making me look prettier, ah good times. More recently in college back to school always meant moving, to a new dorm, to a new apartment and I would spend all summer collecting items to decorate my new place. My mom and I would go shopping for fabrics and sew curtains or bedding and match up all the accessories in the room.

This first picture is my dorm room from freshman year at The University of North Texas, my was I bright eyed and bushy tailed!

The bedding was made by my mom and I out of squares of scarf material. I still have this comforter and I still love it. The purple rug is from Target and the giant fan is from Oriental Trading company. If you look closely you can see my childhood stuffed bunny, Rosey, watching over me from the shelf underneath the desk. The room was akin to a 10x12 foot prison cell with a horrible roommate but I made the most of it!

Here is my first apartment alone. I lived in one before this with a roommate but unfortunately I don't have any pictures, all the furniture was my roomie's anways.

Again with my fan. Look how new my couch looks! My mom and I made the pillows. The coffee table I got when my grandmother passed away, the console, Eiffel tower lamp, patchwork rug, and curtains are all from Target. The drape over the window is an Indian sari.

Here is my bedroom, there were only two rooms in the 500 square foot apartment! My bedding was from Urban Outfitters. It was a beautiful sea green brocade, I still love it but it wasn't very durable. Curtains were from Wal-Mart. All my furniture was from Ikea. Look how small Meowser is! Then was when I first brought him home from the SPCA. Now he looks like this...


Do you have any pictures of your first place(s)? I would love to see! We should all do my first place posts! Whether it be a childhood room, apartment, dorm room ,whatever. That would be so fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Put the Pro in Progress

So much was done around the house this weekend it was unbelievable! I don't have pictures of the bathroom just yet. We did accomplish everything that we set out to do though. And that is always a good feeling! Here are a few pictures just for your reference.

Here is the before-before, what the bathroom look liked when we bought it.

This even after we sanded down the super textured walls...

Then the "before-after", what I've been living with so far...

Looking at the above photo we have removed the outer walls of the shower. Taken out all the tile and shower pan, the old tub (not visible) and removed the fur downs above both sink areas. We re-framed and sheet rocked everything back to normal with electrical. I ordered new vanity lights and they are on their way. I promise to take a snap after they are up!

So while my husband and father slaved away in the hot attic and worked tirelessly I tried to make myself useful. I helped to clean and haul away boards and such but other than that I was just in the way. So I decided to tackle a few long awaited projects of my own!

I painted swatches of gray in the living room...

I'm pretty sure (80%?) the one on the far left in both photos is "the one". It is Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart.

I also sanded and primed two dining chairs. It has been so hot I can't motivate myself to tackle this project. We had a nice afternoon shower friday so after that it was perfect outside. I'm taking my time anyways to save up the money for professional upholstery.

I also finally hung my art wall! I am most excited about this! It makes my little desk nook so cute. I have been collecting these things for about a year. As they say the waiting is the hardest part. I love how it looks though and I have plenty of space to add more!

With this type of art wall I didn't feel the need to measure. I measured the width of the wall just to get an idea of the space I needed to fill up. Then I laid it all out the floor, rearranged to my liking and started hammering. I did move one or two things a bit but no biggie.

The blue school clock is my favorite, it is from an antique store by Scott's parents lakehouse, as is the small blue butterfly print. The "S" and "B" and empty green frame are from Anthropologie and were a gift from Scott. The thin green and gold frame on the bottom was a gift from my mother in law. I cut a piece of cork and glued it in there, it will be perfect for tacking up post-its and business cards. All other items are from my various thrifting excursions.

I hope you had a good weekend too!