Monday, March 29, 2010

Well Hello Beautiful

I had a super duper productive weekend house-wise. I got the following accomplished;

Bought this dresser...
...and this mirror thingy from my former boss who is moving back to NYC for $200. Best. Deal. Ever.

Got my dining table. I am now searching for mismatched chairs of pure awesomeness.

Replanted the flower beds in the front and backyard (with a lot of help from my mom and MIL, they are greatness). The hydrangeas are going to look so pretty outside my kitchen window when they get big. Also got a super cute birdbath as well. Live long and prosper plants! My husband also completed several critical projects as well but they aren't pretty so I won't bore you with pictures of that. But he did work on the bainofmyexistence hump in our backyard and partially fix the sprinkler system that busted right as winter started last year. Yay us!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

After a freakish snowstorm last weekend Spring has sprung in Texas. See evidence below...

Little branches I picked off my neighbors tree in cute little bottles on my new Liberty of London for Target tray!
These sweet yellow flowers (daffodils?) popped up in my front flower bed. This our first Spring in the house so who knows what else will pop up! Probably not a lot since I gutted most of the flower beds a few weeks ago. They were pretty heinous so I wanted to start over. My mom is coming this weekend to help me buy all new plants for the garden. She has a green thumb like nobody's business. I'm so excited to do a little gardening. I want to use mostly native to Texas plants.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mother Nature, Why do you Hate Me?

The least you could do is not have this kind of weather on a saturday. COME ON NOW!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherry Blossoms on my Mind

Oh how I wish I could go to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms this Spring...

Where are you dreaming of going this Spring?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Found my Dining Table!

I was going to buy an expensive carved wood one that is very bohemian chic. I loved it and I was going to put it on old fashioned lay away but I was having a hard time justifying it even though I knew I really wanted it. Then last week I saw this at Pier 1...

So nice and black and shiny. I feel like it has character but could still go with a lot of decor. I'm going to have each chair different to still give it a vintage lived-in charm of a dining room that is my style. I also picked out the perfect gray purple to paint my dining room. Now I need to hunt for the right fabric for the curtains. My parents are coming with their truck next weekend and it will be mine all mine mwahhahaha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Windows

I am so excited to show you this month's windows! Filling up such a large space with nothing but scarves, shoes, and handbags was intimidating but I knew with the right themes it would be amazing. Since the windows have been up I've been getting emails from all my friends around the office on how much they like them and I hope you'll like them too!

First up is the juniors window. We are really trying to grow our business in juniors so we thought this would be a great focus for one window. We had so much bright product for this Spring season. I was inspired by Anthropolig'es spring windows to do a garden themed window. I wanted to do a lot of potted plants that were "growing" handbags and accessories so Juniors was perfect. We brainstormed to do a black and white background to really make the product pop. The rest of the fabulous details just fell into place after that!

For the opposite window we decided to focus on the modern women's brands. A big trend callout for the season was safari so we used that to build our idea around the product. We wanted it to be more of a Ralph Lauren version of Safari to keep it sophisticated so I worked with some of my old peeps in home to get us some furniture. The palm leaves in the back give a great pizzaz as well.

Snakes on a vine ohemgee!

Dem's the March windows!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pale and Saturated; Spring Color Trends

A new spring trend that I'm absolutely loving is all the pale colors. This feels so fresh though because it is not just a pale pink or pale blue. The colors are lighter but still saturated. The softness of this palette looks beautiful juxtaposed with tailored and strong pieces and goes great with nude leathers in shoes and handbags. A great accent for the pale colors is a lighter coral with a touch of gray in it. I can feel my credit card tingling...



Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Isaac Mizrahi
(FYI this also reinforces another Spring trend, inner wear as outer wear)
(you may have also seen this dress on Christina Aguilara for some awards show, her curves made this dress look amazing, it looks like crap on this skinny model, just sayin)
Pale with coral from Alberta Ferretti

I have this top, it's a beauty, it has these little button closures on the sides that give it a really nice fit, plus the color palette is lovely!

click on the link to see the back of this dress, it's to DIE for, so cute!

You like?