Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Choosing and Office Rug

Now that I have some gorgeous fabric for curtains in my office my current rug just doesn't go...

So as you can see I think the pink stripe rug would just be too much with this curtain fabric. Besides I want to go for more of an eclectic boho vibe, less preppy stripe. But now what to choose? There are so many wonderful and affordable rug resources these days!

I originally picked out this vintage persian for the space. It looks a bit pink in the pictures but it's more red. I would love the mix of red, pink and dark gray. Plus there's nothing like the vibe a persian gives to a room.

I also liked this rug. Like a persian but with less pattern, which might be nice.

But then I saw this image from one of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook, and it inspired something in me.

Would it be crazy to go leopard print with a rug?

I have to say I'm diggin it a bit. What do you guys think?

Of course I could always go with choice 1 or 2 and do leopard print upholstery on my desk chair instead?

There are so many examples of leopard looking amazing in a bright, pattern filled room!

What do you guys think? Please help me choose and vote!

#1 for the vintage persian
#2 for the red rug
#3 for leopard!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Styling 101: How to Style an Entryway

Happy Wednesday folks!

First and most importantly...

Tuesday at 6:21 am I became an Aunt! Little Allison is so precious I just want to gobble her up! Thankfully I get to enjoy these first few weeks with her close by in Dallas because after that she will reside with her mommy and daddy in Warsaw, Poland! Sigh...guess I'll just have to go out there if I want to snuggle her. Tough life right?!

OMG look! That's the word stylist...followed by my name...I'm legit you guys!

Today you can find me over on the Wisteria blog Vine talking you through how to style an entryway step by step. I had fun putting this together and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it!

I actually styled all three shots that are currently on the Wisteria homepage. It's crazy! 

What do you guys think?


Monday, April 1, 2013

Curtain Call of the Week: Pink Pop

Welcome to April lovers! We are having some gorgeous weather in Dallas today. Too bad it looks like cold and rain for the next week starting tomorrow. What is up with mother nature lately? Cold in Texas in April?! Crazytown

This week's curtain call is a favorite...

The dark walls with solid curtains and bright edge details are just my style. That chandelier isn't so bad either.

Love this whole room really!

Have a fantastic week!