Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bohemian Farmhouse Inspiration

Seems like two words that don't go together right? But it can be done!

My parents are finally building their dream home at Ridgetop Farm and have asked me to help design it. I am very excited! My mom wants it to feel like a farmhouse but, like me or maybe I'm like her, she's a bit eclectic/bohemian. I wanted to stay true to her style yet find a way for the decor to match the design of the house and the "farm" it sits on. I have farm in quotes because their only animals are cats!

I'm thinking the color scheme should be blue and white with touches of gold. Bold mixes of pattern and a lot of texture.

Blue and white is a very traditional color combo but by doing it in bohemian prints it feels fresh and eclectic. Adding in natural elements like wood, seagrass, birch and rough linen brings in the farmhouse element perfectly.

Preppy stripe and eclectic paisley with a bead board wall. Love the use of vintage art in this mix. My mom LOVED this image.

Another great mix of pattern. The open lantern pendants have great style. Finding some in a weathered zinc finish would be awesome too. I will be on the lookout.

They have a big open room like this after you come through the front door. It has to be a combined entryway, formal dining, library and family room. Theirs isn't near this big even! It will be a similar set up however with the couch dividing the space and a dining table behind it. They also have some exposed beams in the ceiling as well.

My mom has always dreamed of having a vintage buffet. There isn't really room for one since the front door opens right into the big combined space and the formal dining is closest to the door. There is however a large wall where I thought a buffet piece like the one above could double as an entry way table. Best of both worlds!

For the library we'll be using this tutorial from Little Green Notebook to turn inexpensive Ikea bookshelves to built ins. We'll have a parsons desk nearby and two wing chairs with a fun pattern in front of the shelves.

I think a pedestal table like this one from wisteria is perfect for the space. With the sofa, shelves and tables there's a lot of squares in here so a round table is just the ticket. It's also big enough to seat 6.

And just last weekend mom and I scored this gorgeous gold and milk glass vintage chandelier for only $100!

I've also put together a tentative grouping of fabrics and rugs.

A busier geometric

A fun  floral

A simple geometric

This rug below the table in the dining room with the simple geo on the chairs.

And this for curtains, although I may need this fabric for myself!

And of course seagrass under the living room sofa. Still need to find the right sectional for that room then I will figure out the coffee table situation.

And I can't forget the gorgeous view off the back of the house!


What do you guys think?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bathroom is Done!

Aside from some small tweaks but you know how that is. A person who is obsessed with interiors is never truly "done"

We started this demo in January of 2012. You read that right. There were hurdles, money, demanding schedules, lack of motivation, pole dancing to be done. But it is finished!

This is a bad before picture but this was it when we bought the place. 

We removed the wallpaper, repainted everything and lived with it like this for a few years.

Our master bath was in bad shape so we focused on that first.

But now...

I still want to add some open shelves with baskets and pretty towels above the toilet but everything else is done-zo! Fur-downs gone, pony wall gone, new tile and paint, new lighting.

Bone inlay mirror is from Wisteria, no longer available :(

New cultured marble countertops, under mount sink (these are the only way to go, in my humble opinion)

my painting moved in here

Vintage glass towel bar, hung some art, with one lonesome decor piece on the counter :)

Vintage persian purchased on craigslist. Marble tile in herringbone pattern.

Subway tile with dark grout. My mom and I sewed the curtains. It's an ivory linen with tassel trim. The fur-downs extended over the shower and that is now gone as well. The whole room just feels bigger without those silly and completely unnecessary things. I don't understand why they were ever popular!

In other news, scott surprised me with this table from Target last week! Have you seen their new Threshold line? Of course you have, don't be silly. You know how I love rocks and agates. This was only $60!

All styled up!

Have a great week!