Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Biggest Painting Ever!

I finally tackled that big empty canvas staring me in the face this last month.

It was quite intimidating for this non-painter but I am really happy with the results!

It's really layered so I had to do several "sessions" over a week or two to get it the way I wanted.

I ended up adding the dark gray in towards the end because I thought it was looking too sweet.

I'm really glad I did, it helps to give the painting some weight.

I think it's the perfect thing for my office now.

I also got in a sample of this inky blue tile we are going to use as the accent in our hall bathroom reno.

If only the tile place in town would get their stupid subway tile in so we could get started!

Finished any projects lately?

Happy Thursday!


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Search is Over! Found my Coffee Table!

Like many other pieces in our home, I wanted our coffee table to be special. It had to be the right size, the right color, it couldn't be wood, I preferred it to be vintage.

With requirements like that I knew it would take time. I'm sure many of you check craigslist on the daily like I do. The two things I look for are coffee tables and mid century credenzas.

The other day I found a real contender. The price was right and it had a unique look. I went to view it and am now the proud owner of a vintage coffee table!

One thing about vintage coffee tables is they are EXTREMELY short.

Scott is going to build something to raise ours up. In the meantime we are using these risers.

It's ghetto fabulous.

We can still enjoy it until that happens!

Look at the pretty burled wood. LOOK AT IT!

The plan is to build another box underneath the bottom one and cover it in brass sheet metal.

I think it will be quite nice.

I've already eaten dinner on it and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's super easy to clean, which was a must for us.

In other news, the bathroom is coming along nicely. Scott was supposed to start tiling today but they were out of subway tile. WTF!

It already looks so much bigger with the ceiling raised. I can't wait to see how much bigger it looks when we take the other fur-downs out!

Happy Monday Lovers!