Friday, September 30, 2011

Curtain Addiction

I don't know why I became so drawn to curtains. Maybe they are like the cherry on top, the jewelry to the perfect outfit. I personally think they are important enough to make or break a room. Which is why I spend so much time shopping for the perfect fabric when decorating a room.

I have so many images I've saved just for their curtains!

Marks & Spencer S/S 2011

From Black and Spiro

That's just a small sample of curtains I've obsessed over!

See more of my obsessions on Pinterest!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Tour!

Did you see this on design sponge yesterday?

It's my awesome new manager's home on Design Sponge!

It's the kind of place that makes you want to throw out everything in your home and start all over!

She lives in 100 year old home in the eclectic Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. She has been lovingly renovating it for the past two years.

Go to Design Sponge to see more.

Also view another tour of Paige's home on the Wisteria Blog.

Enjoy and report back! Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Color Me Happy: Dark & Lovely

Lately I've been drawn to the dark and moody rooms. As my decor style continues to refine itself its become more and more apparent that I like things on the dark side. Not in an evil way but in a deep, saturated color sort of way. I feel like you can just cocoon yourself in a dark color, maybe that's why.

I'm really coveting these botanical prints on a black background, I must have one!

I must do a post all about curtains soon. My pinterest is full of images I pinned simply for the curtains.

From ESD

This bathroom has been on my lust list for sooo long, just gorgeous!

My spare bedroom will soon be available to function as my office and I fully plan on going dark in there. Can't wait!

Do you have any dark rooms in your house?


Monday, September 19, 2011

Kitchen Ponderings

We got a fancy new fridge!

It barely fit in the space we have. Seems that fridges nowadays are all 36" wide and we only 35 1/4" of space, which limited our options substantially. Boo.

We have decided to buy one appliance at a time. Then after they are all bought we'll save up the money for a kitchen reno.

I can't wait!

So now I'm pondering what exactly I want to do...

This is our kitchen now. The place where I stood to take this pic is the breakfast nook.

I already know that I want to remove the fur-downs above the cabinets and remove that dropped down part you see at the top of the pic between the kitchen and the nook. It blocks so much light and makes the kitchen ceiling feel low.

I'm just not sure how to best utilize this space...

Here is a view of the nook. As you can see it's not being used now. But I think we should have a small table here for the eventual day when kiddos will be around. The china hutch you see I don't really use.

So my thoughts are to tear it out and turn in into a wide and shallow pantry. I think that will be much better than the narrow and deep one we have now.

That's the pantry again on the right. I think that should come out and more upper and lower cabinets should go there. This will add storage and counter space. I also want a built in cubby for a new microwave here.

I think this will leave room for a larger more awesome island after that.

We also plan to replace the floors with wood as well. But that will come at a time when we can do the whole house. More waiting...le sigh...

My desk area if facing the china hutch on the other side of the nook. I think the wall the desk is on should be a built in banquet with this table in front...

The ever present Docksta from Ikea

I love the color, the clean lines, and of course, the price.

There will be two free standing chairs on the other side of table as well.

I know this isn't one of those fancy kitchen pictures people usually choose for inspiration but I really love this kitchen for several reasons.

I plan to have a hood mounted on tile like this. The cabinets are from Ikea which I plan to do. I also like how the fridge has paneling on the side and a large cabinet above. The lighting above and below the upper cabinets is also perfect.

The thing I like the most is how there's an open shelf below the upper row of cabinets. This is genius! Since we have a pretty small kitchen and are thus limited on counter space this idea is perfect. It keeps things accessible while freeing up counter space. I love it.

Here it is again. Love!

These are the type of Ikea cabinets I would like to get. I think the glossy surface would make them easier to clean than painted wood.

I'm planning on a dark gray counter. I'm not sure about a backsplash yet. I want something interesting but inexpensive. 

The trick here will be to spend enough to update it and make it look nice but not spend too much. This isn't our forever home. I think we will outgrow it should we have more than one kiddo, heck maybe even one might be too cramped. But damn it's taking so long to get this house the way we want I don't want to move after we finish it!

These are just more inspiration for my idea bank.

What do you think? Does it seem practical? Anything that seems weird or doesn't make sense so far?


Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing With Pattern

Something about a mix of different types of patterns just gets me every time. I love everything patterned, it's hard to restrain myself sometimes so things don't end up a hot mess. Even most of my clothing is patterned! I can't help myself.

So when I see the perfect mix, it just makes my heart sing!

Two above from Marcus Design


Then there's my own interpretation of the pattern mix...

I think I may have finally found the perfect fabric for curtains + a headboard, so this will all be totally different soon. Can't wait!

I'm planning to work on a few projects this weekend since we're having lovely weather. One is going to be difficult and take a lot of time, wish me luck. 

What are your weekend plans? Do you have any pattern play in your home?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free Art, Yes Free!

My mother in law sent me the link to this awesome site where you can download free art done by independent artists. Awesome right? I'm surprised I've never heard of it!

I already picked out some favorites!

Sooo many to choose from and they're all free! What a great way for artists to get their name out. These are for personal use only, of course.

There are even some more whimsical ones that would look great in a kids room!

And new art comes out all the time too! Visit IndieFixx to see tons more. Which ones are your favorite?


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Currently Obsessed With: Garden Stools

Do you ever have an item continuously cross your path all the sudden? I feel like that with the garden stool this week. I've been seeing it everywhere!

It adds that much needed pop of color...

The perfect side table...

Or bedside table...

A nice architectural element...

It can go in almost any room...

And of course it looks great outside...

There seems to be no end to shape, color and style of a garden stool. I think thats exactly what I like about it! The hardest part will be choosing one!

These modern ones from Anthropologie really caught my eye, sadly they are no longer available.

Do any of you own a garden stool? How do you use it?