Friday, April 22, 2011

Spending Time in the Kitchen: Cookies N Cream Hot Fudge Oreo Brownies

Sounds ridic right? That's only because they are. On a side note, I think I've gained some weight!

These brownies are so easy. So I want to see even you novice bakers giving it the good ol college try. It's just a box mix of brownies with a few tweaks thrown in. This is sure to delight and impress your Easter guests!

Cookies N Cream Hot Fudge Oreo Brownies

1 Box of brownie mix + ingredients specified on the box
1 Heaping half cup Cookies N Cream Ice Cream
1/4 cup Hot Fudge (I used dark chocolate of course
1 Pack Oreos

1. Mix together your brownie as directed on the box but do not add the water
2. Add in hot fudge and ice cream and stir together until good and blended
3. Pour half the mixture into your desired sized pan
4. Layer Oreos on top then add the remaining batter. You want the oreos tight together to make a complete layer. Then the rest of the batter will cover to make the top layer.
5. Bake as directed on the box


What are your holiday plans?



Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Beautiful kitchens, my favorite room in the house. Not sure why I have other the other rooms.:) The brownies look delicious!!! YUMMY!

Things to Do said...

I love the cupboard with the hooks for tea cups. And a recipe that includes Ice Cream in it? Consider me sold!