Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Accent Walls: How do we feel about them?

I think I may have finally found some fabric that I think will work for my upholstered headboard. I love it but the only problem is it doesn't offer as much contrast to the white bedding as I was hoping to have.

Um, Brandi, that's a shower curtain...I know it's awesome right?! I'm totally going to see if it will work. If not i can return it, you can't do that with fabric!!!!

So one thought led to another in my crazy brain and now I'm contemplating doing an accent wall. I thought with either a stencil or a fantastic punch of color may help take the room to another level altogether, which is something I would welcome. I wouldn't mind going all out in the bedroom but I do still need to make sure I have some level of calmness in the bedroom while still maintaining the wow factor.

I feel very hesitant because I had previously not liked them at all. I did some searching and found some really wonderful examples but I am still undecided.

We've all seen this amazingly awesome room from Danielle Oakey

But alas, I'm not a little girl. This does give me hope though.

Another issue is, I don't have a lot of natural light in this room. It's a generously sized room with only two narrow and tall windows. The rest of my house has huge gorgeous windows but somehow the builder really missed the boat on this one.

                                                                       Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Yet another issue, the headboard and the two windows are on the same wall. Therefore, a lot would be going on on this one wall. Headboard, bedding, curtains, paint. I don't want the room to be too busy or heavy on the one wall. The bed wouldn't make sense on any other wall, so rearranging is out of the question. Oh the problems...

                                                                           Source: via Celina on Pinterest

I'm loving this accent wall from Sfgirlbybay. But again I still have curtains to contend with all on this one wall.

I am open to changing bedding, I have no ideas of what to do for window treatments yet, so that is open as well. So what do we think about accent walls? How can I make sure it looks good? How do you feel about them in my room? If not an accent wall, what color could I paint the room to give it contrast?

Help meeeee!


Design Blooms said...

One very wonderful thing about paint is that it's not permanent. If you dont like it change it. That last picture seems to be great for what you're looking for. White bedding, dark accent wall, and white curtains. Would look stunning.

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

In the past I have not been a big fan, but you found some gorgeous inspirations and may have helped sway me towards them.

Kaye said...

I like the accent wall idea. Guess I would match the window coverings to the wall color so they don't even stand out. I love the shower curtain fabric idea for the headboard....think that would be awesome! If the accent wall has color then the neutral bedding with some color pop with pillows or trim on the bedding may be enough to contrast.....well that is my 2 cents worth. Whatever you choose will look FABULOUS.

Things to Do said...

OK, I'm loving the shower curtain headboard!

It sounds like you've got a lot of obstacles in the room and maybe having a lot happening on wall will be the perfect solution. Creative solutions to creative problems. :) I can't wait to see what you decide!

Simple Dwellings said...

I love the shower curtain fabric for the headboard! Hope it works out. Since their isn't a lot of natural light in the space, you could chose wide horizontal stripes in two soft colors- picking from the light green leaf at the bottom of the shower curtain, you could pull out a soft green/cream stripes on the focal wall, then the same cream in the rest of the room. It's subtle, not too busy and works well to brighten up the space! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you decide. You're off to a great start. :)

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Shower curtain as fabric is brilliant. Go for it! Accent wall, I'm not as sure about. I find that an accent wall works really well with the right kind of architecture and layout - but for the standard box room with one or two windows, it falls short. I agree, however, with a previous comment - its only paint. You can always change it if you don't like it.

I can't wait to see what you do, because it always ends up being stylish and fresh. XO