Friday, April 8, 2011

My Latest Projects

As many of you heard in this post, I'm on an art kick lately. I added a few things to my collection this week. I am well on my way to an art wall. Can't wait to have it done but these things take time so I will have to be patient!

My coworker painted this for me. We joked that it looked like a fairytale painting so she jokingly added the unicorn. I just might keep it too! It's a great sassy looking unicorn, just my style!

I was inspired by Bri the other day to start looking for frames at Goodwill. I know, duh Brandi! For some reason I just never did. I went on my lunch break one day and found this though.

It's bamboo peoples! I can't wait to paint it something fierce. Suggestions? I'm feeling a hot pink or possibly deep Jade.

Also snagged this cute black and gold one.

Stuck some scrapbook paper in these cute little frames I got thrifting. Gave em a real good cleaning too, they were diiiirty!

Also, this is happening...can't wait to finish it. Stay tuned for something awesome!

Made these little jewelry holder thingies too. They are just some decorative wood trim from the hardware store that I painted and screwed some cup hooks into. That's my new turquoise necklace, hello gorgeous!

I'm headed off to Washington DC for the weekend to see family and go to the cherry blossom festival. So excited! Hope you have a great weekend!



christine {bijouandboheme} said...

You my dear are creative with a capital C! Love that bamboo botanical and can't wait to see what you do with the gun. Love love your jewelry holders too!

Megan {reFind} said...

Love the bamboo frame! Got this idea from your blog background, but I can totally picture the hot pink frame, having black and white chevron on the matt and then the gun in the circle. Can't wait to see what you really do!

Sarah said...

Love the bamboo frame as well as the jewelry holders! Personally I would leave the bamboo frame the way it is, I think it looks great just like that! I also hope the government doesn't shut down so you can see the cherry blossom festival!

Things to Do said...

What a great Idea for jewelry holders! That necklace is so super fun love the bits of gold with it! I so want to show off mine now (it currently is delegated to inside a cupboard).

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Yes buy them things at Goodwills with all the money you saves you can buy mo' jewelry!!!