Friday, May 31, 2013

My New Craigslist Purchase + Updated Living Room

I'm not even going to mention how long it's been since I've posted, so let's just forgive and forget ok?


I really wanted to buy a chaise for our living room to solve our lack of seating dilemma. 

I emailed and emailed again and no answer. Something in the air lately has been making all the people I contact via craigslist completely ignore me. So rude!

So I had to move on.

Luckily I found this guy...

Ignore the weights on the mantle. If you follow me on instagram you know I'm getting swole with p90x, #bringit.

Anyways, it was perfect and a great price, and we took it home hanging out of the trunk of my husband's civic. I'd like to reupholster it in some type of velvet at some point but it's really not bad as is.

You can also see our new mirror above the mantle there. It's so sparkly! I'm thinking about painting the brick soon too. You know, with all my spare time.

My prized chinese screen has relocated to here and I re configured the art wall. I like it much better like this and I can't wait to fill it even more.

I still need to zhush the rug placement a bit but its taped down so easier said than done.

I'm happy to say our living room is finally in a place I'm completely and utterly happy with. I just have this feeling of "ahh" when I walk in the room.

Is it finished? no. Will it ever be? no! But tweaking and changing things is the fun part! Our spaces evolve with us, and that's what I love about design. 

A little detail shot. Sorry about blurry pics, my DSLR has bit the dust and my iphone is all I have!

Our spare bathroom is also now 90% complete, just a few tweaks and installing the pretty things is left. Can't wait to show you, I'm in love!

Have a great weekend lovers!