Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craigslist Potential

I've been searching for more seating for our living room for a while now. It's been tough because I wasn't really sure what would look good with our existing furniture. I had originally planned on getting a long mid century credenza to go on the art wall. 

I still think that would look fabulous but the fact is, we have people over quite a bit and we need  more seating. We often end up with all our dining and breakfast chairs in here. Now one extra piece is not going to totally solve that but it will help. Plus there's plenty of space in here for more furniture.

So here is my idea...

After a lot of searching I found this pretty chaise for a good price on craig. I'm hoping they respond and I can grab it this weekend. 

It would go in front of the fireplace. The sofa would go along the gallery wall with a console behind for lamps (we really need non overhead lighting in here) and the suzani chairs would go in front of the opening to the dining room.

Chaise there in front of fireplace.

Chairs where the couch is now.

For reference our TV is here. I love it tucked out of the way in this little nook.

I'm thinking this needs to be covered in some kind of velvet, maybe with a geo print, maybe a solid who knows. I also will probably paint the frame, it looks a bit light wood colored which is yucky. A shot of black might be nice in this room, hmm considerations. I like this piece because of it's curviness in contrast to my square lined sofa and wing chairs. I think a bit if frenchy might be nice in the mix.

What do you guys think? Would you arrange differently? Use a settee or love seat instead? I'm all ears!



Cat said...

Brandi, thanks for stopping by and I LOVE this idea, and wonderful chaise, OOOO I hope you get it! Believe me, you will not be seeing any finished quilts for a long time! This has been a very long hard road and I just have to keep having a positive attitude. I will check back to see if you get the chaise.
PS: I sort of like the wood, gives it a warm look......

Kristen said...

First off I love your space! I think you idea is perfect seriously love that piece. Isn't Craigslist the best? I'd do a yummy solid velvet and maybe gold wood. Seriously want to see how this comes together.

Sammy said...

What a great chaise! Did you end up getting it??? Inquiring minds want to know! : ) I'm sure you'll let us all know at some point... but... I lack patience! heehee

Sammy ~ Renew Redo!

Unknown said...

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