Friday, February 18, 2011

OMG I Just Bought This!

Get an email from One Kings Lane about John Robshaw day, spot a rug, actually make a decision and bam I bought it!

Look it!

I really like it! I'm pretty sure it's going in the living room. It's in the color scheme I'm planning on and I got the 6x9' for only $199 smackers!

I'm usually not one to make a decision like this but I saw this rug before and liked it so I figured I'd better take advantage!

Hopefully there will be no buyer's remorse...I don't think there will be!



Amber Interiors said...

I just bought one Tooooooo.. not this one however I contemplated it... I bought the Kaleidescope in the runner size.......Oh my Credit cards hates me.

Things to Do said...

This rug is so awesome! Great pick!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! Xoxoxo

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Awesome. Its going to be great! Make sure you take some photos and show us when it arrives!

Kaye said...

That is really cute...just need to spray it with "dog be gone"

cat said...

You go girl and be BOLD! Gorgeous, can't wait to see the room, you are on your way yo the loo you love!