Monday, February 21, 2011

House Tour; My Boss's Place

Let's start out this tour with a little daydream shall we? Let's imagine that you have unlimited funds to design and build a home for your family from the ground up. No detail or luxury is left untouched. Then you have yet more funds to fill the place with the most amazing decor. Did I also mention that you have the means to travel the globe to find these things? And great taste to boot?

Enter my boss's place...

Some of you may have already seen this in the January Issue of Romantic Homes, but in case you didn't here it is!

You can't tell but the ceiling of the formal living room is a barely there light blue. Such a nice touch.

This is a view of the entry way. The ceiling is a giant skylight so the room is like one big solarium.

These pillows and chairs inspired by these originals are available. The house is a laboratory of sorts for Aidan Gray creations. You will see many true European originals throughout that inspired some of our pieces.

The kitchen has not one but two identical islands, the other to the right of this photo. One for food prep and one to eat at. The center islands are marble and the counters surrounding are limestone. The glass shelves on the wall are custom.

This is the master bedroom. The seating area to the left over looks the backyard with black bottom pool, English box garden and a little creek at the back.

All photos taken by the wonderfully talented Molly Dickson.

There are so many wonderful rooms not shown here too. And the backyard is jaw droppingly beautiful. We photograph all our images from the catalog here as well. You can see more of that in our online catalog here.

If there are any questions you have please let me know in the comments and I will get back to you. We had a lot of emails with questions on the article. I hope you enjoyed this!



Julie said...

AMAZING! Okay, going to buy that magazine today. Love your new look by the way. Can't believe I haven't seen it sooner!

Krystal {Blue Ribbon} said...

I love the Je t'aime canvas!!

Things to Do said...

Wow - those pillows are incredible! I am totally picking up the magazine! Thanks for the recommendation!

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Great post... the place is incredible!

Zee said...

OMG. Such luxury. If I had infinite funds, I wouldn't even know where to start!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where the chandelier and wall sconces in the formal living room are from? THanks so much! My email is: Love the photos!