Sunday, September 27, 2009

We got a new dog!

Everyone, please to meet the newest member of our family, Atari! He is a 9 month old cream Shiba Inu that we rescued after his former owners kept him locked in a room as a puppy and finally surendered him to a rescue group. He is such a sweet little guy!

Quite the precarious sleeping position.

Akira is enjoying playing with her new brother. Although, she is still being protective of her palace she is gradually coming around.

Meowser was not amused

We are so happy with our little family. We have been wanting to adopt another Shiba for quite some time and for one reason or another it never worked out until now. It makes me feel like we were meant to wait until Atari was ready for us!


Jennifer said...

love the pictures, they're all so cute!

laura davis said...

he's adorable!

supermandy said...

atari. heehee. he's adorable.