Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Fall Decor

I was wandering the rows of my local Homegoods last weekend and thinking of decorating the house for fall. Most of their fall decor items however, how shall I say...blew. So I started thinking of what some nice little fall items could be and put together some options for you to peruse.

You could start with a wreath, make one or support a local artist and find something unique.

Maybe add in some new dishes in some nice spice colors.
Try changing out some artwork in a seasonal color palette. Nothing like a nice piece of artwork to change the look of a room.

From California Abstract

Add a table runner or placemats. These don't have to be limited to a table they can go anywhere your heart desires. I like these embroidered items, they are beautifully detailed, still feel a bit feminine and are a great price.

From KainKain

Some new terrariums with a fall theme is a small but whimsical way to add fall in your decor. Plus, you could change out the little decorative items inside to go with each holiday or season.

Decorating for fall is a bit challenging for me personally because I like very bright colors and vibrant patterns which don't always read fall. However, you can still find pieces that don't sacrifice your individual style. Sadly though, I won't be buying any fall decorations because my house needs regular decorations before I can get season specific. Which is just as much fun!

What are you doing to decorate for fall?

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supermandy said...

oh, i like the terrarium with the little pumpkins inside! too cute.