Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Help me remodel my bathroom!

Ok I need some serious advice. Scott and I would like to start remodeling our master bath. As you may have read previously it only half works. And by half that means only the sinks and now the toilet since we've replaced it. You may have noticed that my taste is a mixture of vintage, moroccan, bohemian, shabby chic-ness. The house we live in is a typical brick suburban box that we only plan to live in for about 5 years so I don't really want to do it specifically to my taste but to something I can enjoy for a few years that the next owner will not feel they have to re-do. I would like to have a bit of vintage style to the bathroom through tiles, vanity, and a chandeleir over the whirlpool tub. The vanities have to be built in so the fancy furniture looking options are out. I also need maximum cabinet and counter top space so leave other frou frou options out as well. My dillema is this: What cabinet style and tiles for the shower will work best? Here are some inspiration photos (and I'm bad but I don't have the origins of any of these. Just google "vintage bathrooms" and "bathroom tiles" and such and they shall appear)

I like the finish and the beveled-ish shape on the doors but not much else on this one


These tiles seem nice and I like the wall color


Love these cabinets! Another question...I have brushed nickel faucets and a sepia colored framed mirror. Can you mix hardwares like in this picture? I have always thought that was a no no but I have seen several pictures with brushed nickel faucets and the dark hardware like above. Thoughts?

These cabinets are pretty. Not sure if they will work in my bathroom but still nice.
So please pour forth all your bathroom knowledge upon me! I need help!


Henry said...

Interesting, I often find people in situations where budget is a restraint. No matter what, you’ll find Bathroom Vanities to suit your budget.

Paisley said...


Budget is definitely a restraint for us! I just want to figure out what I want and then I will find a way to squeeze it into my budget. Plus we will be doing pretty much everything ourselves which I think gives us some wiggle room. Thanks for the comment!

Bonnie said...

How exciting to redo a room! I like the cabinets in the first pic but might prefer bigger mirrors. Perhaps the size of the bathroom and how the rest of the house looks will help narrow the decision down. Do you need a cabinet maker? I like tile so long as it's not hard to clean. The blue/grey shower is beautiful! (It goes with the Cindy Crawford room!) I just got a free catalog from Rejuvenation that has amazing selection of "classic American lighting and house parts." (Rejuvenation.com) For authentic fixtures and hardware, there's always Liz's Antique Hardware Store on La Brea (http://www.lahardware.com). Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Bonnie said...

PS. Liz's Antique Hardware has a new FREE catalog too! (http://www.lahardware.com/catalog.html) Just call them at 323-939-4403 ext. 5 or email them at shop@lahardware.com if you like...

Darryl Iorio said...

With all the pretty bathroom inspirations, it's surely difficult to pick which one you want for your home. These are some nice photos. May I ask which one you picked? ;D

Lida Swisher said...

All of these options you shared looks great! When all of them are combined, it looks like a very classy cross between modern and classical designs. So which one of them did you pick? Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common projects that a homeowner does. This is to improve the look of their bathroom whilst repairing some places that need it.

Lida Swisher @ Waddle Exteriors