Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Favorite Gray

Long time no see friends!

I suck at blogging lately...sorry about that...

The good news is cooler weather had come to Big D and has reinvigorated my project motivation!

I finally chose a paint color for our master bedroom. I painted a total of nine colors before deciding.

That's right...nine!

Here is the boring beige before pic. When we moved in the whole house needed to be repainted so I chose a neutral that I knew I could love with while I took my time deciding. Over two years later I am still figuring things out!

sorry for the shitty night picture guys (and the no styling) I'm working late shooting this week and I couldn't wait to post! Yeah and only half of my ceiling is primed to be painted. Have you guys ever painted a ceiling? That shit is rough. I'm going to hire someone to finish it...

I think it's such a great improvement! The color is Classic Silver by Behr. It's a nice slate gray that leans a bit darker. It's cool without being blue, just perfect!

I also got a new bench! Yay for progress! It's from Wisteria, I scored it for only $100 at our warehouse sale a few weeks ago.

My awesome husband wired up these nice cord covers for me. They will be painted as soon as my hand un-cramps from painting the wall.

And look what else he did...

Little switcheroos so I don't have to plug them in to turn them on, just flip the switch. 

So luxurious...

And I started on a new piece of art. Its made out of paint chips I stole acquired. I'm not sure the best way to glue them down though without the edges curling up. Ideas?

I totally scored this beautiful chandelier at Canton last weekend! It's going over my bathtub. I wanted to hang it right away but Scott said something about wiring and a junction box and crawling in the attic and some other electrical jibberish, so that will have to wait.

And I FINALLY made a decision and ordered this fabric for the wing chairs in my living room. I can't wait to have them done, it's going to be bitchin.

Yeah, I just said bitchin...

So, whats new with you?!



christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Love the gray, love that bench, and love your new chandy!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember what your house looked like when we walked through before you and scott moved in. you've done a gorgeous job!

Kaye said...

BUSY, BUSY GIRL. GOOD CHOICES AS ALWAYS! Love the comment about electrical jibberish!

Things To Do said...

Holy cow. You've got a lot of projects going on. That chandelier is fab. Here's hoping the wiring gibberish got figured out. :)