Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pillow Roundup!

So if you're like me (meaning you're obsessed, and if you're readying this blog, you are!) you're thinking about how to change things up this season and we all know one easy way to do that is with pillows. I've recently found some really great (and affordable!) pillows that I'd like to share with you!

I'm in love with these Felt ruffled pillows featured on Daily Candy this morning from That Funky Boutique. And at prices ranging from only $27-$45 you can get so many colors! But I think the ombre is my favorite.

These next few are from an Etsy store I recently discovered named Ikat & Batik.

Beautiful right? The colors and patterns are so vibrant and fun. The trouble will just be deciding...

And for those of us that want that mixed pattern look but always have trouble matching it all together they even offer perfectly coordinated sets for a great price!

Also I know some of you say that Poufs are done, but I'm still loving them. And I say it's time they reinvent themselves into something new, like crochet poufs!

Cute right? From Ferm Living, and only $98.

More pattern you say? You know I'm on board with that!

And I think we all have drooled over the beautiful pillows at Furbish...

Yay pouf balls! $50

I have been drooling over this pillow since she first posted it. But at $70, it's a bit out of my budget, sigh...

And now for the eye candy!

I've been missing out on all of your posts, but no worries! I will have plenty of alone time with my laptop in my hotel room this weekend to catch up. I will be too tired in the evenings to walk anyways!

See you soon!


Jennifer Nicole said...

I still love those Poufs too! Cute post :)

Cheapest Flights said...

Nice Post !

Pics are very nice .......


Leah said...

Oh I am obsessed with pillows and these are all AMAZING!

Great pics hun!


Raina Cox said...

Great pillow round-up!

Thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade.


If the Lamp Shade Fits

The Zhush said...

Love your choices..the round shapes are really appealing!