Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Yay! Monday is over! Wasn't last weekend lovely? The weather was so beautiful and good times were had. Saturday I met my mom at my monthly flea market Canton. It was the busiest I've ever seen it! There were also more vendors than I've ever seen. I guess it was because of the weather.

Remember last weekend when I said I was working on a project in the yard? Well Sunday we finished and I'm so excited to show you!

This is our yard before. It needs to be cleaned and spruced up big time!

Here it is all cleaned up and improved with a tree! It's a pretty tall Red Oak tree which should turn beautiful colors in the fall. I also planted a few plum mums and other shrubbery on clearance at Lowe's. Who knows if they'll make it but I fertilized them to the best of my abilities at least.

Did you know Fall is the best time to plant a tree and fertilize your lawn? The fall rains help them to grow strong roots all Winter long and in Spring they spring to life! I surrounded my new little flower bed with rocks I stole acquired from the Texas countryside. I almost had enough to circle the whole thing. In Spring I'm going to install a little pond on the other side of the flowers. See that huge pile of bricks in the back? I pulled them all out of the back flower bed under the trees, and that's not even all of them! I guess the old owners liked to just throw random bricks back there. I found all differents kinds of bricks too, quite strange!

I also picked up some great goodies at Canton of course!

This little wooden bucket for $15. I didn't find any good plants to put it in so I just stuck my aloe plant in it, doesn't quite fit though haha!

Looks cute with my pot from Anthropologie!

I'm newly obsessed with pink depression glass. The light hue of pink is so lovely. This tray had so many sections for chopped veggies and such but I thought it would be perfect to organize some of my jewelry, only $25!

Picked up this brass tray and canister with Mother of Pearl inlay for only $13 on my DC shopping trip with my new BFFs Eddie and Jaithan!

Ahhh, good times! I also bought some fudge but I think we all know where that went!

How was your weekend?


supermandy said...

my new thing is to ask the mason at almost-completed houses if I can have their garbage stones when they are done. Instead of chunking them in the dumpster, they put them next to it and tell me when I can take them. I have enough now to do a large patio (a nice fall project.) and a different style of stone is now forming the outlines of our soon-to-be vegetable garden. yay!

The Zhush said...

Great photos! Love your new tree, and all of your new treasures!

Julie Holloway said...

how fun!

Brandi..I'm posting your mantel tonight so check it out tomorrow! Julie

P.S. Kate said you contacted her!! Yay!

Marcus Design said...

Lovely photos Brandi, the tree looks great and so do you and your BFF's :)
Nancy xo