Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Color Me Happy: Inky Blue

We have all been buzzing about this fabulous color and personally I just can't get enough can you?

I equate it to your best fitting pair of dark blue jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down and they go with almost anything...

I wish I had a place in my home to paint the walls this color but I don't. So I will be painting an old dresser instead a-la-MFAMB

Isn't it perfect? From here. She used Farrow and Ball's Hauge Blue in high gloss oil based. I checked and they don't sell F&B anywhere in Dallas to the public. I know right, we are supposed to be all big furniture design center of the middle south and you can't buy this paint in this town, they sell it in Austin, who the hell in Austin needs this stuff?!!

Anyhoos, I'm glad to be back from Highpoint. There was lots of goodness there and I didn't take any pics. I'm a terrible blogger!!! But thats what happens when you're working 12 days straight and you miss your flight because they change the gate and you American Airlines app doesn't update and then the guy at the ticket counter looks at you funny and you eat crappy sandwiches and bags of potato chips for three days straight and get hit on by old married guys when you are trying to work and get people to take you seriously even though you look like a teenager and everyone thinks you're a temp or an intern...oy sorry about that rant there.

Stay tuned for new goings on at my house later this week when I can get some pics in good light even though I'm never home during the day but damnit I'll try!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I'm so pleased you did this post because I love inky blue hues, esp. for fall! Glad you had fun at highpoint!

Côté Provence said...

I love that first lacquer blue .... So beautiful!

Can't wait to see the changes at the Whimsy castle!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Sometimes getting confused for a teenager is a good thing at least for since I'm getting closer to my 30 I'll take it!! haha

supermandy said...

I've got 3 rooms in my house painted blue...I think I'm a fan. Plus I have an old dresser I'm going to redo for the entry- definitely doing some Spanish tiles on top, new drawer pulls, and I'm thinking some inky-blue paint would be just beeeeautiful. and about being mistaken for a teenager, when I so happily bought a pregnancy test to see if we were expecting a Bean yet, the idiot at the register said "Looks like someone's in trouble..."