Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Way I Wore



sorry for the bad lighting, apparently the sun no longer exists in Texas

You may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar. I will be posting my daily outfits here, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you would like to see a larger image, detail shots, and a list of where I got my outfit click on the image. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Lately I have been trying to streamline my wardrobe so to speak. I'm hoping that sharing my clothing choices with the world will help me do so. I just want to make sure that every piece of my wardrobe is important. I don't want any more fluff or things that sorta fit ok, or are not flattering, and things that simply aren't my style. I want to be more selective with what I buy.

I've also been told that I am quite the savvy shopper and that's another reason I want to share this with you. All my shopping cards will be on the table for you to see and hopefully help you with your wardrobe choices as well.

That's my story and I'm stickin to it!


supermandy said...

Blah- i hate my closet. This is a fabulous idea. I have gobs of clothes "that sorta fit ok, or are not flattering."

And I've noticed that when I see pictures of myself in something I can tell if I really like it or not. It's different/better than when you look in the mirror.

Additionally, I wish there was a store called "Forever 29."

Paisley said...

Mandy, Forever 29, I laughed out loud in my cubicle! FYI I cleaned out my closet and I have a bag of clothes with your name on it if you want it! Otherwise I will give it to my sister in law. Let me know!

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Paisley, I like your new idea for the sidebar it's great. Look forward to catching up on your blog. xx