Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Windows

Now that I'm "head stylist" for the windows every month I get the opportunity to help all different kinds of brands with their window styling. The month of February was very appropriately reserved for the intimates brands.


This was such a lovely window! So light and airy and beautiful! I just love the iridescent stripe in the paint and frothy fabric covering the floor. The birds came out perfectly, although they were a biznatch to hang!


This window was more fun and flirty. I just love the glossy color on the floor, the name is Drop Dead Gorgeous, perfect! The glitter was such a nice edition to add that touch of glamour and sparkle when you walk by.
As usual the pictures never do it justice!


Jackie said...

Great window dressing! Love the colors....Have a wonderful Week!

Beach Vintage said...

I just love those floating white birds. well done.

supermandy said...

"head stylist?" woo!

Brittany Castaneda said...

I'm so glad I googled DBF and found your blog. Enjoying it very much! I love window displays and often arrive early enough to visit them before anything opens, 9 times out of 10 it's the display that draws me to browsing the rest of the merchandise. Yours are lovely!
By the way,I'm the redhead in the black birdcage veil with little black velvet birds.

Paisley said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone!

Brittany: Yay! Thanks for dropping by and for being my model!

laura davis said...

looks great - i love the birds!