Sunday, February 7, 2010


That would be Dallas Burlesque Festival + Flights of Whimsy + Bombshell Burlesque= An amazing weekend! We performed both nights to a standing ovation. The crowd was fantastic and both nights were fully sold out! Saturday night was the debut of my vintage jewelry and treasure hunting service. I made a lot of new friends and some money to boot. Here are a few pictures of the festivities...

Kick line to New York, New York (I am in the center)

We opened the show silhouetted behind the screen to Teeth by Lady Gaga (I am the one to the left of the center, at the bottom left point of the star)

Photo by my friend Courtney, seriously, if you need some baked goods go to her, I could eat her cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!






The fest is also great for people watching and I saw some really great fashion. Unfortunately I couldn't take as many pictures as I'd like since I was running around performing and selling (with a drink in my hand no less!)

My friend Laura and her husband


She is the queen of pasties! 



What can I say, this is awesome.




The emm cee for the night, local radio DJ Jesse from 102.1 The Edge. She was the first to snag my coveted snake ring. Here she is showing it off.


The show headline, Angie Pontani. The first night she did a strip tease in toe shoes, talk about talented!
I could have taken so many more lovely pictures of awesome people. I love the fashion at these events, it's so sparkly and over the top, just like I like it!


Beach Vintage said...

LOVE that last pic. And check out your legs !

supermandy said...

I do believe a recognize your table cloths. :)
We need more videos of your performance! LOVE the Barbie in pasties...

Fira Saturn said...

Woo! Wish I could have seen it. Man you look great!