Monday, November 2, 2009

Shop Review: High Fashion Home

I visit so many wonderful independently owned stores (or boutique, or craft fair, or flea market) that I've decided to start a new series to share them with everyone. If you have a store to recommend please do!

I had the opportunity to visit an amazing store in Houston over the weekend known as High Fashion Home. They originally started as a fabric store selling all types of fabric and became so successful they opened a large store across the street to focus only on fashion for the home. I've been to High Fashion Fabrics several times and it's nothing but rows and rows of amazing fabrics so I was expecting the same from the home store and was I wrong! It was almost like a mini version of ABC carpet in NYC which is a store that I love.

Here you will find four enormous floors of everything to make your home stylish, comfortable, and unique. There is art, craft items, pillows, lighting, furniture, decorative accessories, and row after row of amazing fabric. They also do custom upholstery and drapery. If you are ever in the Houston area I highly recommend this amazing store!

All photos from their website here.

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Beach Vintage said...

I love the endless rows of fabric, you may get lost in there. Which would be a good thing of course!