Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Under My Umbrella, Ella, Ella

I picked this awesome umbrella on sale at Anthropolgie. I plan to put it in the house over our couch. However, it didn't come with a metal stand and I've already bought one that the pole was too big for. I did some research and no stands seem to indicate what size pole they hold so I may have to return it if i don't find the right stand, lame.


Fira Saturn said...

I have a few stands... They come with a screw inside so you can adjust it to the right size!

supermandy said...

oh please don't return that umbrella. it's fabulous! if noting else, have a DIY umbrella stand project: find an amazing over-sized flower pot, fill it with concrete with a pvc pipe in the middle to allow for removal, and use the umbrella outside.