Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Before and Afters

You may remember the befores, now here are the afters! I will post pictures of all our furniture in here after the boxes are gone (I'm in no rush to unpack ugh). Sorry for the bad lighting...

The master bath.

Currently the only thing working in this bathroom are the sinks, sigh. The plumber had to break out a big section of tiles in the shower because the pipes were leaking into the wall. Oh well, the shower was ugly anyways and I want to remodel this bathroom so I guess it didn't make it any worse. Scott is in the proces of installing our new toilet this week. Technically the garden tub works but it's covered in a layer of grime that can't be cleaned so I won't be bathing in it anytime soon. I got the inside of the cabinets cleaned by sanding them down and repainting them. Sad that the only thing that would clean them was a high powered sander. Also notice the huge mirrors are gone! We replaced the ones over the sink with pretty framed ones and that made such a huge difference. It really makes your bathroom look expensive but they only cost $60 a piece!

The master bedroom

No more leather walls! It's amazing how light and bright it is in here now. I also did the ceiling two-tone with a darker shade of paint. It looks really great in here now!

The office/spare bedroom

The cowboy mural packed up and headed out of town after two coats of primer and two coats of paint, sheesh!

Guest Bedroom

I don't think I showed a picture of this room before. I guess it wasn't frightening enough to be included in the befores. I love the leaded glass windows in here.

Spare Bathroom

This is basically our bathroom right now since nothing in the master works. No more texas flag wallpaper or sky blue walls!

Entry way

The infamous star that everyone but me seems to like.

Entry way

Also did the two-tone paint in here. Removed the star light fixture and cowboy hat wallpaper border.

Formal dining room

Brightened up with paint and a shiny new chandeleir.


The glossy coat over the brick is gone and a new mantle was built by my dad and properly affixed to the wall. Scott will be mounting the flat screen here.

Living Room

Nice and bright now!

A list of everything we did just to show off:

-repaint every surface including trim, doors, window seals, walls , ceilings (also removed popcorn), and cabinets

- floated the walls in the master bed and bath

-retextured walls in kitchen and spare bath, retextured ceilings
-took gloss off fireplace and rebuilt mantle, changed out fireplace gate thingy whatever its called

-replaced chandeleir, utility room light, hall light, entry light, porch light, two ceiling fans, bathroom light

-replaced every plug and switch and their covers

-replaced all a/c vents

- changed knobs and hinges on bathroom cabinets

-cleaned, cleaned, dear god it was so dirty

-killed weeds in flower bed and ripped them out, added weed and feed to the grass

-ripped up part of the back deck

-added some dirt to grade off ridge in the backyard

-replaced toilet in master (ok so its not done yet but it will be)

-installed radiant barrier

-replaced mailbox

-added street numbers out front

-replaced 3 faucets and removed giant ugly mirrors to replace with pretty framed ones
-removed giant wood blinds
-fixed hot water heater and water pressure
-replaced pipe in the master bath
-hung new towel, toilet paper, and hand towel racks in both bathrooms
-removed doors to kitchen area and saloon-looking doors in master bath
I feel like there's more that I can't remember right now but you get the gist. So thoughts?

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supermandy said...

i love your ceilings! what is the flooring in your bedroom? it looks great. and how the heck did you fix the water pressure? ours could use some improvement.
will you be joining us on the 15th? and I meant to invite scott's parents, but lost their contact info in the move. blah.
unpacking is probably worse than packing! i can't figure out where to put anything!