Friday, July 31, 2009

El Paso Import Company

Jennifer clued me into a furniture store that I cannot wait to visit. El Paso Import Company has furniture with old world and vintage charm that is just my style. I hope they have some type of lay away like old school style. My mom used to put all our back to school clothes on lay away. It was exciting once we finally paid the balance and got to bring everything home. I would always forget what I had bought so it was like opening presents. I heard that stores are bringing it back as opposed to credit cards which I think is a great idea. America needs to get over it's instant gratification needs and learn to actually pay for things in full before they get them. Ok so after that tangent here's the eye candy;
Dining Table
Entry table

Possible dining chairsCoffee table

Dresser for the tv in the bedroom

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supermandy said...

love love LOVE that chair!