Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Iron Bed

Yesterday on my lunch break I bought a dresser. Funny story really, I went to lunch with my friend Eden and she is addicted to Starbucks. The closest one to the office has no drive through and it's in a busy shopping center so we park and walk there past a decor store called the Iron Bed. I've always peered through the windows at their amazing things but never went in because I couldn't afford it in my wildest dreams. They had a bunch of stuff piled on the sidewalk and a peice of furniture caught my eye. I pushed a stack of pillows away from it and fell in love. Then i fell even more in love when I saw the price...marked down to $350 from $1400...swoon! I contemplated it into Starbucks and back by on the way to the car. Eden kept questioning where I would put it but that was just a minor detail to me of course. The thing about moving from an apartment to a house is that you basically need all new furniture (at least that's what I think). It's a time that you keep only the best of what you have and get rid of all your hand-me-downs, your Ikea and Target stuff, and everything else that doesn't mean something to you and start new. I think the most exciting part about home ownership for me is the decorating part of it. This dresser is a real piece of furniture too, weighs a ton and is solid as a rock. It's something I think I would keep forever so I knew it could work in a dining room, an entry way, or a guest bedroom piece. But for now it will serve as a dresser in our master bedroom. I think it will look great with the antique vanity I got a few months ago and I'll finally be able to give my brother back his dresser. I'm sure husband was equally enthused we he got a text "umm bought a dresser at lunch need ur mom's suv to pick it up after work kthxbye".

Here's a few inspiration pictures I pulled off their website. It really is a beautiful store and some of their pieces are geniuine antiques and some just look like they are. They also offer design services and while some of the rooms aren't my style they are beautiful nonetheless. Picture of my beautiful dresser to follow in a few days!
Of course their specialty is hand-made iron beds.

What is it about big tables that I love so much? They are awesomeness.

This is a very bright room but I love the combo of deep purple and lime. The huge mirror is also wonderful.
I also got a great cabinet at Canton over the weekend. I have an intersting project in store for it so I will reveal before and afters when it's complete (after the move and house fixins are over hopefully).

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