Monday, March 18, 2013

New DIY Upholstered Headboard

Hello friends!

Wow, life is busy! I'll spare you all my excuses about my absence so let's just get straight to the pretty.

New Headboards!

And tons of pattern!

You may recall the headboard I built forever ago. I covered it with a kantha cloth, which I loved, but I knew it wasn't forever. I had admired this crewel work fabric for a long time and finally decided to order it.

Then I waited...and waited...and waited more. It took over 6 months to come! And for that reason I won't link you to the website. They are full of lies and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Good thing this was for me and not a client. Could you imagine?!

Pillows are sewn by me. The blue fabric is hand blocked brought by my father in law back from Indonesia.

Atari approves of his napping digs.


Gray Linen Bedding: CB2
Sheets: Ikea
Pink Lamps: Target
Rug, Kantha Cloth, Tufted Bench: Wisteria
Curtains: JcPenney with trim I sewed on
Nightstand, Vanity, Accessories, Art: All vintage

So what do you guys think? I'm just loving the way all the color and pattern mixes together. It's not something I planned or even think can be planned. It has to be layered and collected over time. Not good for those of us who like instant gratification but so satisfying in the end!

Next I would like to replace the lamps, I think emerald green needs to go in here like I need dark chocolate (which is really bad!)

Happy Monday lovers!



Hannah said...

Ahhhh I'm curious to know the site just so I don't make the same mistake! I had a bad website experience with my shower curtain valance. Such a mess. Although, your headboard looks FAB!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Emily | Recently said...

It looks fab! So sorry about your experience. Can't believe the nerve of some people!

Kristen said...

You're bedroom is so fun! LOVE the headboard and your pom pom curtains. Glad I came across your blog, now following.

Sammy said...

Love your headboard... and Atari! So cute, yes he is! : )

Sammy ~ Renew Redo!

Aryan Smith said...

Its looking awesome!
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