Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Change: Moroccan Table Redo

I have two of these little Moroccan style tables in our home.

I got them years ago at a sample sale when I worked at JcPenney corporate. They're great little tables but the other day I decided it was time for an update.

I used a gold leaf pen to outline the legs and a little metallic paint on the top.

I think the outline on the legs especially shows off the awesome shape of the legs and the top now looks like stamped tin. Overall I'm quite pleased at what an hour of work got me!

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Hannah said...

Love how you outlined it. It really makes the shape of the legs pop! And your sweet pup looks so cute and comfy!

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paige said...

Looks awesome!

modern jane said...

Looks great with the little details! It also makes me happy to see your pup on the chair. I let Beaufort wherever he wants to go! Spoiled:)