Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Change: Canton Flea Finds

I'm interrupting house tour 2012  to show you my latest finds from Canton Flea Market. AKA the place where most of our stuff is from.

I didn't get a whole lot this time. Partially because I wasn't looking for much, partially because it was over 100 degrees out. Seriously, walking around in that heat in the Texas sun will make you lose the will to live. That coupled with my four hours of sleep the night before made me feel a bit vomity.

I bought these gold wall hangings, $25 for the pair. I walked all around my house holding them up and they looked best here. The dark wall really shows them off.

They purty.

I also snagged these vintage knobs. $5 for all eight. When the lady told me $5, I said each? And she said no for all of them and I repeated, all eight? I was sure I wasn't hearing her correctly. They're kinda a muted green color in the center with a perfectly patina-ed brass detail. They will go in our guest bathroom which we are currently renovating. Currently as in, the past 8 months. It's slow when you DIY. I will post my plans for that soon. It's finally starting to look like a room again instead of a construction zone.

I also put a vintage ring on lay away. Are you shocked I love vintage jewelry too? I have a completely superfluous goal to collect a right hand vintage ring in every color. So far I have blue, pink and now soon I'll have green.

 Back to bathroom tour tomorrow!


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

so cute! love the contrast of the pink gold and dark walls.

Hannah said...

Great finds! x

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Diane Higdon said...

I was there in the "heat" also. Didn't get to do near enough shopping, but I think the knobs were really a great steal. Congrats. :)

Shavonda said...

Great finds! I love the knobs and at $5 for all 8 you can get much better than that!