Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Bedroom

A confession...

Our bedroom didn't look much like this until Sarah contacted me to do the Houzz tour. I had already picked out everything I wanted but as usual, saving up the money was slow. When I found out about the house tour though I just had to go ahead and buy everything. Our savings account is being replenished slowly but surely. My husband is happy with all my choices though, especially our super comfy bedding.

Get ready, our master bedroom and bath was the worst of the rooms in our house.


Leatherface room. It's some weird wall treatment that's supposed to look like leather collaged on the wall but it was actually made out of paper bags.

You can't make this shit up people! Just wait until the next post when I talk about our master bath. It might be even worse!

So this "wallpaper" could not be scraped off so they had to float the wall, Which means they primed the wall with a thick primer and just floated new texture and paint on top of it. That leather is still back there...somewhere...haunting me...

This is immediately after, sooooo much better right? I still find it strange that this room is the only room in the house without big beautiful windows but I digress.

So this is how our room looked for a long long time. 

I actually took this picture because I knew we were about to finally actually re-do this room. I bought this bed frame in college and really loved it for a long time. I had been dreaming of an upholstered headboard though so I began the fabric search.

While I was searching for fabric we used the chinese dressing screen as a headboard. I liked it so much I almost kept it but the upholstered headboard was calling me.

I tried to used neutral white bedding thinking I could bleach it every once in a while but my dogs ruined that dream! As you know, the rug eventually moved to my office and the scarf pillows to our living room.

As you read in the Houzz tour, both our side tables were found in the trash. Who throws away perfectly good furniture?! One man's trash I guess. The lamps are from Target.

The dresser was another purchase from my former boss. It was originally this red color, which I loved. But I just didn't want red in the bedroom so I repainted them white.

I tried about a million colors on the wall before picking one. Seriously I think a broke a record with this one. I painted I think it was 11 different colors on the wall. My husband was getting concerned...

The sconces were purchased at a flea market for $40. Shocker it wasn't canton flea market! It was actually a flea I went to on a visit back to my home town, Seabrook, which is a suburb of Houston.

I made our headboard out of MDF which Scott cut with a jig saw. I covered it in 2" foam and wrapped in muslin.

I covered it in a vintage Kantha cloth. Pinned of course so I can re-use it for something else one day. I was never sure I would keep this as the headboard fabric. And I actually recently ordered something else which should be arriving any day now! Can't wait to show you!

The leaf scultpure was purchased from an Antique store in Dallas called Lulu B's.

 This piece is actually a $1 vintage scarf wrapped around a canvas. I couldn't staple it of course, it's taped, I guess I have commitment issues.

 This is the paper I framed in Ikea frames. I really love it. It's marbled rice paper from I highly suggest you check it out.

                                                                                           Photo by Sarah Greenman

The gray linen bedding is from CB2 and its so soft. The bench is from Wisteria.

                                                                                       Photo by  Sarah Greenman

The rug is a discontinued item from Wisteria. The curtains are simple white curtains purchased on the cheap from JcPenney. I bought some black tassel trim and sewed it on. I love the way it turned out. My vanity and chair are from Canton of course. The vanity was only $100, such a good find. 

                                                                                    Photo by  Sarah Greenman

Art and accessories are all vintage finds.

                                                                                            Photo by Sarah Greenman

The floor mirror is an old door with the hardware still in tact. The wall color is silver by valspar.

Up next is our bathroom which was a complete remodel. 

Happy Wednesday lovers!



charmaine said...

Wow! Love everything! You did a great job. That rug is amazing!

Shavonda said...

Once again, such an awesome room. I love your blog and really look forward to reading it daily! You're so funny. I can't wait to see what you've done with the master bathroom. Those "leather" walls were a hot mess, but your room is just beautiful now.