Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Change Monday

Hello Lovers! I know things have been quiet and you guys were probably totally missing me last week. I went on a little Texas Road Trip to visit some friends and family and I was partying on 6th street without internet most of the time. I hit up some great antique stores in the tiniest of Texas towns though. Stayed tuned for that tomorrow!

When I put up my new ombre curtains, they looked so pretty, which made my cluttered mantle look all the worst. So I finally decided to style it up. It had become a catch-all for artwork and nic nacs that I didn't know where to put yet.


(Oh I miss fires in the winter...instead it's like there's fires outside, all the time...)


I always knew I wanted to put my drippy painting here so I'm glad it's finally in its home. The pink pot is from Home Goods, with a few succulents in it.

Its nice and simple, which is perfect for me. I'm sure I will change it a million times though!

See you tomorrow for my latest thrifts!


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