Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black Magic Woman

I'm in a dark mood today, but in a good way. Maybe I'm so sick of sunshine my brain is going in the opposite direction? Seriously I think we are at over 40 straight days of above 100 degree weather and absolutely. no. rain.

I think creating a bohemian interior with black takes it to a whole other level. Makes me feel kinda Stevie Nicks...

Must try this!

Have a beautiful day!



Heather (love your space) said...

Love all of these! How fun. I should have planned a space that looks good (even glam) disheveled...would have been practical for my life, for sure.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Oh yes please! I need all of my interiors to have a little black and a little boho. All about balance for me.

simpledaisy said...

I have to say I am a sunshine kind of girl....but I can appreciate a good ... cozy interior:):)

Here's to a little rain coming your way! {hopefully}

Marcus Design said...

Very beautiful! I have been so into the matte nails lately, I love that picture :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend Brandi!
Nancy xo

Catarina Almeida Santos said...

what a gorgeous post :)

have a nice weekend !!


Anonymous said...

Those nails are so awesome! If you try it post a picture!

cat said...

hey girl, what have you been doing, do tell,