Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

How about a little thrifting to get you through this tuesday? It's pretty overcast here in Dallas but nothing some vintage treasures can't cure right? Right!

I went to my favorite Canton Flea Market last weekend with my two moms (mom and MIL) and Sarah and her lovely family even met up with us for a bit! I get giddy to show people my favorite things and I knew Sarah would love this flea market so I was so happy to show it to her!

I picked up these two frames for $15. Sorry this dark picture doesn't show them off better. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they're never at home during daylight hours, sigh. Anyhoo, they have an ivory frame with a light pink accent. I'm brainstorming right now what to paint for them.

Not sure if anyone else has ever noticed but vintage wastebaskets are not only hard to find and even when you do find one they are $$$! I was so happy to spot this one for $15. The flowers are in perfect condition too!

And my favorite find of the day (possibly the year?!)...

A bamboo dresser for only $40!!! Yes people, you can be jealous :). I have 3 dressers in my house already so Sarah actually had to convince me to buy it and I'm so glad she did! It's in great condition. All it needs is some new handles and some high gloss paint. Can you beleive someone put those blue plastic handles on there?! Yikes! It's hanging out in my parents barn for now while I'm dreaming away about how I will paint it. Inky blue with gold? Jade Green? Ice blue? So little time...

I also wanted to share this charcoal drawing I did for my cousin's wedding shower. I was afraid she might not like it but it was a hit! That makes me so happy! It's supposed to look like her dress by Maggie Sottero. I really like the way it looks in this black frame with black matting. I got the frame from Michael's for only $23. I think I will have to go back and get more for my own artwork!
Large View of the Andrea Bridal Gown

And in other big news, I think I finally found a couch! I was shopping at one of my favorite places, High Fashion Home, last weekend and spotted this beauty...

Large View of the Andrea Bridal Gown
Large View of the Andrea Bridal GownLarge View of the Andrea Bridal Gown
Isn't she a beauty? Sorry for the awful phone pic. The cushions are down-filled and sooo comfortable covered in a thick gray linen blend, I believe. The nail head accents are the bees knees too. The price isn't as high as you'd think too! Luckily, our tax return is coming soon and we'll be getting it!

The magic continued when I found this perfect suzani fabric for the wing chairs I purchased off craigslist. I will be saving up to buy this in the near future!

Such a successful weekend if i do say so myself! How was yours? any good finds lately?



christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Great finds- that bamboo dresser- wowzers! And ps, that's the sofa I have in my living room I think- MB? I highly recommend it- we just love it.

HannahJ said...

That sofa- and the dresser are both gorgeous!!! That dresser is an amazing find!

Oh- and I saw that I WON the giveaway! SO exciting! I, for some reason cannot access your contact tab? (It might be the work computer I'm currently on?) Can you email me directly and I'll email my address back to you?

Thanks so much!

CLARA said...

I love the bamboo dresser, Ive been trying to find one myself and yes I am jealous:)


Things to Do said...

I love the dresser and I really love the idea of jade green!! Congrats on having such an productive weekend!

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

I'm so glad you took home that dresser. And I love that sofa - its exactly what I want for our living room. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time convincing the hubs that we should get a new one when the old one "still works". And I love that little waste can!

modern jane said...

Great find on the dresser! And OMG.. that couch is incredible! love love love it!

Kaye said...

The best part of the photo of the turquoise waste can is the cool indian behind it!!!

Cat said...

Wonderful finds! dresser is gorgeous and PLEASE put that purple/plum/eggplant fabric on your chairs!

Megan said...

Love Love the dresser!! My friend and I found a very similiar dresser last fall. Neither of us had room for it (sadly) so we sold it to a family that loved it. We painted it a high gloss green - awesome! Can't wait to see yours.