Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Because!

Hello lovers! How is your week going? I've had some minor set backs in the motivation department due to yet another sickness. That makes FOUR, read FOUR times I've gotten sick in as many months. I've decided a Neti Pot might be the answer to my mouth breathing. If I believe, it will be so!

In the meantime, please enjoy some lovely things I've saved to my inspiration folders lately.

                                                                                 Source: thedecorista.com via Brandi on Pinterest

                                                                                      Source: weheartit.com via Brandi on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: brynalexandra.blogspot.com via Brandi on Pinterest

Love the feminine vibe going on in this one. I want to see more of this bamboo-looking settee!

                                                                      Source: crushculdesac.tumblr.com via Brandi on Pinterest

                                                                                Source: weheartit.com via Brandi on Pinterest

Sometimes doing things just because is the best reason of all!



christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I can sooo relate- feeling awful at the moment and as for the neti pot...one of my favourite things EVER!! Defintiely helpful if you are prone to sinus infections. On a happier note, gorgeous inspiration. Love love that coffee table in the first shot and of course, the pink sofa makes me week in the knees! Feel better lovely. xo

Things to Do said...

The one thing I kept being drawn to when I was looking at these are the incredibly cool pillows in almost all of the photos! I don't know if that means I'm in the market for new pillows or what! :)

Feel better soon!

Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

I'm completely in love with the second picture. That chinese imperial painting, plus the bowls in the wooden coffe table givis is a relaxed aggiornato oriental style. Get well soon! XoXo

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I can so relate... I've been sicker this year than any other year that I can remember. Blah. I tried a neti pot but somehow tipped my head wrong and ended up feeling like the water went into my ear... disturbing.

Jenn said...

I LOVE the hallway with those amazing curtains draping on the floor. Gorgeous! Feel better soon :)

lemondropdreams said...

We've had the week from hell! I do a sinus rinse and when I'm really stuffy (sinus infection right now thank you) I use a Breathe Right strip. They're sent straight from heaven! Don't forget a little mentholateum under the nose!!

modern jane said...

Beautiful images! Visiting from amber interiors.. you're newest follower!

Allison {Live Love Small} said...

love that pink couch and white room. first time visiting...love your blog. now following. :)