Monday, December 27, 2010

Latest Vintage Treasures

Even though I was crazy running around this past month I still managed to pick up a few things for myself. Lucky me!

I picked out this micro fiber velvet to recover the sofa in. It's a gorgeous blue in a bit of a jewel tone.

I bought this little retro stool at Canton last month for only $10. MIL and I really want to learn how to upholster so this will be our guinea pig. I picked out this great lavender snakeskin vinyl to go on it. Hopefully the vinyl won't make it too difficult. There's a lot of tufts on the top of the stool and vinyl isn't too drapable. Of course I had to choose a difficult fabric!

I'm very excited about this painting I snagged for only $20! It's pretty big and the colors are so happy. It has a certification on the back that it came from France. Oui!

Great set of brass dice, $10

And I got to take all these photos with my new camera!

I was sooooo excited to get my handmade gift from Bri last week. Her talent continues to blow me away! Good thing she included these paper flowers otherwise I would have to venture out in the cold for some real ones STAT!

I love the subtle colors in this abstract piece she made.

And isn't this a fun pillow?

Did you have any great finds or gifts this past month? Share share!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I got an amazing abstract drip painting from you and it's FABULOUS!!!! xoxo Great finds btw- can't wait to see the reupholstered stool and vintage sofa- Also love your mirror, vase and gold dice. Your handmade gifts are gorgeous too! Splendid all around. xo

Nuha Sofiyan said...

Goodluck reupholstering your stool! It looks more complicated than it really is! and maybe its better that you got a tougher fabric, because mine is starting to stretch is some places


christine, just bella said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the upholstering. I've been wanting to give it a try too but have yet to bite the bullet!

Lovin' your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Love the painting from Bri! The colors are awesome. I havve a little footstool I need to upholster. Hopefully you give us a step by step of how yours goes!

Design Blooms said...

Very nice finds! That sofa will look gorgeous in that blue! I wasnt allowed to buy anything before Christmas..but I have my eye on a few goodies!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Great finds! Love that mirror. Just found your blog through Bijou and Boheme!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Girl you got some good finds, I'm jealous of the dice! Glad you liked your gift especially glad the vase arrived in one piece! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Sarah said...

You're right. The dice are awesome.