Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wedding Week: Our Wedding Part 2

Ok, I promise this one will be more full of eye candy and wedding porn...I think!

After the ceremony we went upstairs to bustle my dress and take my veil off. And that's where we took my favorite favorite pictures.

Then it was out to the beautiful front terrace for cocktail hour.

The backyard was magically transformed into the reception. I couldn't have been happier with the decor. I'm sure most of you know how hard it can be to choose the color theme, flowers, everything for your wedding all the while you don't truly know how it's going to look once it's together.

I chose these Moroccan lanterns as the main focus for the centerpieces. They were pretty cheap. Then I worked with Heidi at Lilac & Co to add flowers. I visited numerous florists but she was the one who truly understood my vision. Others wanted me to count exactly how many blooms on each table and which lanterns would get a flower on top and exactly how many petals to scatter and blah blah. Not Heidi, the quote she gave me was what I paid and she promised she would use any amount of flowers it took to make the tables just right and that's exactly what she did.

I'm not sure what I would've done if I had done a large floral centerpiece but I like to think I saved money with the lanterns. We also allowed each of our guests to take one home. Now whenever I see one at a friend's house it makes me smile. I still have tons left for our house too!

The little boxes held Razzles, Scott's favorite candy. Each box was decorated by my mother in law, my mom and myself, and each one was different.

I made these MadLibs myself. It's the story of how Scott and I met. They are hilarious!

I love Dahlias!

This was our cake. I didn't love it. And to be honest I could've done without it altogether. I don't have a picture of it, but we had a gelato cart with 4 flavors of gelato and it was a hit. Therefore, not much cake was eaten. But it came with the catering package, of well!

The sign in table. Instead of a guest book we had this tree. I made all these little tags that people signed and hung on the tree.

Then came the speeches. I don't know why but I love speeches! Even at other people's weddings!

This is the only picture I have of this little lounge area I planned. Shame. I was trying not to spill gelato on my dress, I failed.

The house had a closet full of old hats. We had fun posing for pictures!

Our get away car is my mom's Classic 1969 Camaro. I love this car! But unfortunately she's selling it! Maybe you need a classic car?!

And just like that it was all over!

Thanks for bearing with the bombardment of weddings! We're back to your regularly scheduled programming and starting the week with my very first giveaway! Have a great weekend lovers!


Kaye said...

so fun to re-live that wonderful day...and with your commentary!

A House and Home said...

FIrst of all, I ttotally want those Morrocan lanterns for my house. Second, who is that blond woman? I think I know her. Is there any way her name is Betsy?

Efrat Deutsch said...

What a Beautiful wedding. I love your dress! Looks like a fun and romantic day.

supermandy said...

"I'm Scott" hahaha!

Leah said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love the first pics too so cute! I adore the cool lanterns too so gorgeous!
Hope you had a great weekend sweetie!

Coté Provence said...

What a beautiful wedding and what gorgeous bride and groom!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Miles Of Style said...

lovely lovely pictures dearie! CONGRATULATIONS on your look like a dream! love your wedding dress and shoes and all the pics are really wonderful to look at!

Julie Holloway said...

Okay....that first picture is like the best wedding picture I have ever seen! You are so pretty....and the mad libs and that sign in tree? The Best! You need to send these pics in somewhere!

J. said...

Wow, I love the pictures you took! And the rest looks just awesome as well! I am planning my own wedding at the moment, so this is really inspirational!

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love the mad libs, and the tables looked absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!

Annie said...

i was there and it was such a pretty wedding! brandi, you did a great job!

Ms Jay said...

I did a search for cheap Morrocan lanterns (because they are so expensive) and your page came up. I loved your wedding photos. I hope your union is blessed and lasts forever and a day. Again beautiful. (Where did you find the lanterns?)