Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Week: A Country Wedding on the Cheap!

I have two weddings I am delighted to share with you this week so I've deemed it wedding week here on FOW! This first one is the wedding of my brother and now sister and law, Jackie. If you recall from this post I planned this wedding for them. I don't have all the pictures yet but I thought I had enough to share with you!

The second wedding is....

wait for it....

MINE! I know, I got married a year and a half ago but I just got the digital photos, long story.

The theme of the wedding was country chic, filled with wildflowers, vintage mason jars and tins, homemade food, and the union of JSquared (Joel and Jackie!). And all for around $2000!

My mom and I searched for months for different vintage tablecloths, mason jars, tins, and glass bottles. For flowers had originally intended to use a local florist near the farm. But after speaking to her she didn't have access to most of the flowers I would have liked, she also wanted to make the bridesmaid bouquets out of carnations, gasp! Then she told me if I was coming from Dallas I might as well just get them here and transport them myself because that's where she was getting hers and we could save money doing it this way as well. At least she was honest! So I called up Central Market and scored several bunches of Texas Wildflowers for $11 a bunch. Since they were seasonal, they didn't know what would be in them but said they're always beautiful. Add on some hydrangeas to make bouquets and a couple of Freesia boutonnieres and call it a day.

Jackie's brother cooked all the food and it was delicious. He also played piano for the ceremony and set up a playlist on his ipod for the reception. He was a busy man! We spent the whole morning setting up and then barely had time to get ready!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

My BFF Kirsten did all our hair and makeup in 30 minutes flat.

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

Then it was time to run out to the Ridge where the ceremony was being held. Jackie put her dress on in a tent nearby so no one would see her walking out before it was time. (I told you it was country!)

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

I made the bouquets, so don't look too close!


I really loved the idea we used for the ceremony seating. The farm down the road loaned us the hay and family members brought blankets. I made the sticks down the aisle. They have different kinds of ribbons attached to them to flutter in the breeze, too bad there wasn't one!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

My mom made Jackie's dress and I designed it. It looked so lovely!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

The ceremony was so beautiful! There wasn't a dry eye in the place!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

Here is Jackie with my mom. This is the view from the Ridge where the ceremony was held. Isn't it nice!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

Bridesmaids with yours truly on the right!

jackie&joels wedding by savannah

After the ceremony they planted a tree, their first act as a married couple.



I just loved how the decor turned out. So perfect!



The lanterns in the trees really defined the space too.

The sign in table, before I put the flowers out. The birdcage was for cards and the case on the right is one of my favorite Canton finds. It held fan favors for the guests.

It was definitely hot but such a nice wedding don't you think?


A House and Home said...

So nice. I love the special homemade touches that make it so touching and heartfelt, the way a wedding should be.

Anonymous said...

These are great. I wish I had thought of some of these when I got married in a tiny old church.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, and romantic wedding. I love all the ideas and creativity.
Absolutely charming .... and the dress is so pretty. Your mom is really talented!

my favorite and my best said...

i got teary just looking at it...

Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

Just lovely in every way.

Leah said...

Oh this wedding looked so lovely and charming! I love your bouquets too doll!


Anonymous said...

Awesome site, info and pics. Loved it! mom

Anonymous said...

How many people were at the wedding?