Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm in the Mood...

...for these dark and moody rooms. Something about the dark walls with pops of color makes me melt. My dining room will kind of look like this. Curtains are made and hung, I'm now searching for hold backs and taking my chairs to the upholsterer for an estimate. Holla for progress!

This rug reminds me of my Diamond Jungle Dhurrie, which has yet to go on sale bleh!

Purple with pops of turquoise, perfection

This is an example of a dark room that still looks cozy and has a collected over time feel, great combo of different design styles


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Deep purples are so comforting as a colour!

supermandy said...
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supermandy said...

This has little to do with your post, it's just awesome:
BEAUTIFUL wine barrel floors. I love the "wine infusion" one. I guess it sort of falls into the dark and moody category..

supermandy said...

gah! this too:
i need to stop looking at this website. it's making me want things! badly!