Monday, July 12, 2010

Dream Home Wish List

Scott and I plan to build our own home from the ground up someday. It will be a place where we raise children and grandchildren, where we'll retire, and where we'll spend our days growing old together. We both want a Spanish style home so I'm happy we agree there. I picture a home close to the city but far enough away to have plenty of land and mature trees. There will be a beautiful pool, a rolling lawn, and a lovely garden with a big back porch overlooking all of it.

The list of things I want to have in this dream home is phenomenal. But a girl can dream right?

#1. A huge kitchen with french doors opening to the backyard. Love this industrial stove and the tiled floors.

#2. An amazing light filled studio/office for me to work in. I plan to own my own business someday so I will need an inspiring space to work in. Preferably this space would be in a loft or a Turret. Ambitious no?

#3. Beautiful backyard, with pool, lawn, and lake

#4. Awesome terrace overlooking said backyard

#5. A place in the backyard to escape to

#6. A rolling ladder with a giant row of bookcases.

#7. A closet fit for a princess (that chair!)

#8. Every room must be filled with an impossible amount of light. Except my husband's office, it will be a cave just like he likes it.

The list of things to add to my dream home grow by the day. What's on your dream home wish list?


shari @ little blue deer said...

I am with you on all of these counts! I love to plan my dream home, have been planning it since I was little! You're right, a girl can dream! XO!

Fira Saturn said...

So lovely... I'm in love with that treehouse.
I did not know you were into Spanish homes, I'll take pics when I am there!

Leah said...

Great list! So fun to dream and plan!

supermandy said...

hahaha- michael and i also want a spanish style custom home. but i think i just might trade my present house for a backyard with that tree house! And I absolutely love dining tables that have a bench- at least on one side. so cozy. And if for some reason we end up living in this house past the girls flying away, I've already determined exactly how to demo the middle bedroom- half of it goes to make the guest room bigger, the other half becomes my very own giant closet...