Monday, May 3, 2010

Vegas Baby!

As I mentioned before Scott and I had the wonderful chance to take a weekend trip to vegas for our first anniversary. It was so nice to get away and just happened to be the start to my two week sabbatical.
We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas. The hotel was gorgeous and in a great location on the strip, right across from the Bellagio and the beautiful dancing fountains. We went to watch them 4 times and each time it was different.
Inside the Bellagio the lobby was so beautiful...
And they had a gorgeous botanical display. It smelled so lovely...

The first night we saw Penn & Teller. It was a great show and afterward I got a picture with Penn!
Then we went to see the fountains at night and they were even more enchanting!
The next day we saw a Sigfreid and Roy's secret garden or whatever it's called. All the animals were sleepy and they promised baby tigers and there were no baby tigers!!! ggggrrrr!
The last night we had front row seats at Cirque du Soleil which was beyond words. The show is so amazing. I just love all the theatrics, the costumes, the props...amazing! No pics of that unfortunately.
We also went to Fremont Street, which has the largest TV screen in the world! This is it before the big show...
Here it is during the Doors tribute they had playing. This isn't even the whole screen, we were standing in the middle!
It was such a great trip. I even won $100 playing a Sex and the City Slot machine. Now, I had no idea what I was doing on there, I was just pressing buttons at random the money just kept going up!
We even saw the Hoover Dam from the plane on the way home, where we sat first class by the way, now I can never go back to coach. I had no idea of all the luxury you get in first class!


Beach Vintage said...

This has bought back memories for me, I went to Vegas and surrounds for my honeymoon in 1997, I had the best time, looks like you did too!

rae.ozanne said...

Looks fun!! I've seen pictures of the ceiling at the Bellagio before. I hope I get to see it one day. Thanks for sharing!