Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dining Chair Fail + Antique Wins

Table: (licking his lips) mmm I eat tiny dining chairs like you for breakfast!
Chairs: noooo mr. dining table, I'm an antique and I wasn't meant for such a big table, it's not my fault!
Table: nomnomnomnomnom

I bought these dining chairs at Canton last week. I got all 4 for $90, I planned to paint them pewter, sand the edges, and cover the seats with awesome fabric.

But once I got them home and put them at the table I realized they don't work at all! Le sigh...they are very small visually compared to my meaty table. I would prefer something with heavier legs and a higher back. I will never find another deal as good! I will be selling them on craigslist if you or anyone you know wants them.

On a lighter note I did have other antique successes recently. For example, the lovely blue vase in the above photo. I'm now looking for glass of the same vivid blue. I think a collection of it on my black table would look stunning, only $5!

I got this wall art as well. There are different kinds of men around the clock and a small caption at the bottom that says "time of her life", get em girl!

Snagged this gold chair I put at my vanity table. The seat cover will be changed but I love the details and the sanded edges.

I also got some large vintage scarves for a dollar each that I plan to frame. Too bad they will cost like $150+ each to frame. Guess that will have to wait until later. It's crazy how expensive custom framing is. I even got a quote from Hobby Lobby when they were having a half off frame sale and it was still $$$$. It's highway robbery I tells ya!


Brit Castaneda said...

That's too bad about the chairs, but I have a feeling you'll still enjoy the hunt.
That vase and artwork are gorgeous, bonus that there's a bit of a giggle with the art, you gotta love that.

supermandy said...

when you sit in the chairs are you too low? i was thinking of some way to heighten the chair backs or something, but it's probably far more complicated than i'm imagining.

Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

The chairs don't look so tiny to me... but as supermandy pointed out, they might be too low when seated, yeah?

shari @ little blue deer said...

Love that gold chair with the vanity! Even with the wrong chairs, you still found fabulous stuff!