Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pale and Saturated; Spring Color Trends

A new spring trend that I'm absolutely loving is all the pale colors. This feels so fresh though because it is not just a pale pink or pale blue. The colors are lighter but still saturated. The softness of this palette looks beautiful juxtaposed with tailored and strong pieces and goes great with nude leathers in shoes and handbags. A great accent for the pale colors is a lighter coral with a touch of gray in it. I can feel my credit card tingling...



Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Isaac Mizrahi
(FYI this also reinforces another Spring trend, inner wear as outer wear)
(you may have also seen this dress on Christina Aguilara for some awards show, her curves made this dress look amazing, it looks like crap on this skinny model, just sayin)
Pale with coral from Alberta Ferretti

I have this top, it's a beauty, it has these little button closures on the sides that give it a really nice fit, plus the color palette is lovely!

click on the link to see the back of this dress, it's to DIE for, so cute!

You like?


Tea Party Crasher said...

I would kill for the Alberta Ferretti dress. Yum.

Beach Vintage said...

What such pretty photos you have given us today paisley. Thanks.