Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oooh the Wheels in My Brain are Spinning

I came across this image of a gilded ceiling and I feel that our dining room may be the perfect place for this. Scott and I have been considering doing some type of treatment to the ceiling for a while and this seems perfect! See the directions and how to order the silver leafing here. You can't really see our ceiling in this picture but it has a slight slope and then the flat ceiling after that.


I cam across the site after seeing this post on The Little Green Notebook. I'm also feeling very inspired to do this to some little nightstands for our bedroom. Luckily Canton is this weekend so I will be scouting for furniture to experiment on. Yay!


supermandy said...

ooh! exciting!
similarly, but not really the same: I got some silver acrylic craft paint not so long ago. I used it on some chip-board do-dads for a family tree book I made- gave them a nice shiny metallic look. I've seen the leafing kits before but have always been intimidated. that website makes it look easy- and I LOVE the dresser!

supermandy said...

and yesterday at home depot i saw some faux "tin" ceiling tiles. You can finish them however you like. I'm not sure what they're actually made of. The packaging showed some done in silver leaf, some were painted white, another had some sort of coppery/greenish patina. so pretty.

Paisley said...

Mandy, yes I have seen those ceiling tins. that was another option we thought of but the affordable ones are made of plastic which I'm sure you can't tell when it's all the way on the ceiling but it just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. don't forget to post pics of that family tree book on your blog!