Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I Just Brag a Little?

Because I've had a really great month of vintage shopping. I'm just going to show off my new purchases 'kay?!

This great silverware tray with utensils from Anthropologie, they were a wedding gift.

Classic metal school clock in the perfect shade of blue and it still works! This clock is pretty large and I have no idea where to hang it or how to make it look good hanging. Any suggestions?

Metal cake stand

Purchased several vintage tablecloths for $4 each. My linen collection is growing wonderfully!

A vintage Holiday tablecloth

This beautiful metal tray.

I just love the finish and the handles

And something I've been searching for, a bread box! It was a great find at only $18. I did a lot of jumping and a happy dance when I found it.


Beach Vintage said...

Oh my that blue clock is amazing.

court. said...

love the tray

Bonnie said...

I have that same turquoisey green tray!

supermandy said...

where did you get the tray?!

Paisley said...

Bonnie, no way! I want to design a whole room around that tray I love it so much!

Mandy, I got the tray at canton of course, only $10!

Gabrielle said...

I have that same art deco tray--mine is blue and round. I love it! A great thrift store find indeed! :-)