Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's Talk About Shoes Shall We?

I have my eye on a lot of shoes out there on the interwebs. Since I have no money to actually buy any of them I just fantasize about all the outfits I could wear them with and decide the hierarchy of my lust for them for when I actually have money to purchase my new best friends. So here are my "needs" for what I'm looking for; I need a pair of gold sandals, I have a pair of silver ones so now I've decided I need gold ones too. I think these might be the ones...
BCBGirls Gladiator Sandal in gold. I like how they have a teensy heel on them.

Love these from Sam Edelman but they are sold out in my size! Maybe theyy will be back in stock...
I'm on a mission to find a great nude shoe to wear with some of my brighter outfits. So far these Vince Camuto ones are the top choice but they may not be as nude in person as I want so the search continues...
These are just for fun and oh so adorable! By Poetic License
A nice taupe shoe option by Steve Madden
I think these would be a great winter nude shoe option by Steve Madden. I love the patent leather and think they would look great with tights. They also come in grey which I'm seriously considering but absolutely don't need!

I like these as a replacement for my current pair of white heels that are soooo uncomfortable I can't even wear them. By Seychelles

A nice bronze sandal with a small wedge. Also by Seychelles
Seychelles is definitely one of my favorite brands for shoes. Their shoes are always stylish without being trendy and a great quality for the price, I highly recommend!
Now you may be wondering, "Paisley, how can you afford such shoe finery?", I'll tell you my shoe shopping secret...I buy most of my shoes from amazon. In fact, all of these shoes here are on Amazon. They have every major shoe brand and most current styles. If you see something you like in a store go home and search for it on Amazon. If they don't have it, be patient and check back often because they will get it in soon. Also, if you see it on amazon and it's full price again, be patient. They will always go on sale! I also recommend that you sign up and pay the small membership fee on amazon. This will give you free shipping and in most cases free returns on almost everything. Another perk of Amazon is they don't charge sales tax. So on an expensive pair of shoes you can save a lot of money. So if you see that pair and you can't wait for them to go on sale you will at least save the sales tax you would've paid if you bought it at the store or ordered it from another website.
So there, I've told you my shoe secret. Now happy shopping!

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