Thursday, August 13, 2009

Color and Design Inspiration

Some color and design inspiration I've collected from around the web.Beautiful photgraphs from Felice Beato. He photographed life in East Asia during wartime and was the first to develop the technique of hand coloring photographs. The tinted pastels and washed out colors are beautiful.
Celtic patterns, I have seen designs that are celtic inspired popping up here and there.

A cross section of a plant makes a beautiful pattern. You can also see more tinted pastels in this illustration.

These images are courtesy of the very interesting blog Bibliodyssey .

Candy colored images from photographer Miles Aldridge. He uses overexposed effects to create an image with a surreal reality. I have seen color forecasts for upcoming seasons with an emphasis on acid and candy colored brights.

These shimmering blue images are from an art installation by Roger Hiorns. The project is known as Seizure. He turned an abandoned London flat into a glittering sculpture by pouring copper sulphate in through a hole in the ceiling. After a few days the remaining liquid was pumped out for chemical recycling leaving crystals glimmering and reflecting light on every surface. The hues of blue are equally as breathtaking!

Fira may not want to look at this next image...

Some beautiful images from photographer Marko Ljubez. His images give you a feeling of surrealism and an alternate reality. He does wonders with photoshop as well. Check out some of the amazing images on his site as well as photos from a bohemian Gucci campaign.

Now that I've hopefully inspired you, what will you accomplish today?


Fira Saturn said...

Am I missing something? All these are beautiful! Why would I not wanna see the last one?

Fira Saturn said...

Oh right clowns... But they aren't the menacing kind and they are very much in the background.