Monday, June 15, 2009

Window Displays

Jennifer and I designed and styled the windows at work last week. I must say they came out pretty awesome and we are very proud of them. This first one is the cool color story window.

The is the bright color story based around the kid's outdoor product. I really like the details in this one. It's the details that make something extra special.

This is one that we did from last fall for Linden Street. We wanted this window to have a surreal feeling. This is like a seating vignette outside in a park for example.

This is the other Linden Street Window. I really love this one and it was a lot of work but well worth the effort. We created the outside of a house from scratch out of objects we found around the office believe it or not. Sadly, I don't think the pictures can do this one justice. Here's another look "inside" the home.

We have several more opportunities to design the windows this year and I can't wait. I wish this were my permanent job! What do you guys think of them?


jennifer said...

We rock, that's what I think!

supermandy said...

man! I wish I had that job as well.
I was (briefly) the merchandiser at Windsor. I trained with this insane woman who majored in Window Design- or something like that... she was nuts.
But I was the official window decorator at Maidenform and XXme. I love your treehouse window!