Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some of my Inspiration

These are some random pictures I've gathered from around the interweb as inspiration in my decorating projects. Apologies for not remembering the source of every photo but most are from Design Sponge.
I love the doors to this wardrobe. With the right cabinet it would be very easy to do. I'm also thinking of getting fabric or lace with color to make a patchwork effect.
I love the shabby chic look of this room. The random collection of wall art is a look I'd like to do in the spare bedroom and the hallway.

The trim around this door frame is amazing. I already checked our Home Depot and Lowes and they have good molding but I found nothing resembling the extra piece at the top of the door. I looooove the way this dark gray looks with the trim on the walls. Too bad I don't have any gray in my living room because our trim would be perfect for this.

I plan to do artwork like this on several different sized canavases in our living room. Jennifer gave me a good idea to soak the doilies in tea or spray paint them different colors which goes perfect with my decor. I might sprinkle in a few other images to decorate the main wall in the living room. Obviously I love the idea of piecing together different artwork on a wall.

This is the wall color I would love to our spare bedroom in.

I love this large artwork and the colors would actually go great in my living room. I also would like to find a bench like this as well.
For now I'm just daydreaming about all the decorating I'll be able to do after we move in. We have less than a month to finish the house and get our apartment completely packed up (we haven't even started!). So for now I have to focus on that. The amoutn work we have is overwhelming but I am trying to take it one day at a time. Husband also keeps reminding me that everything I want to do doesn't have to be complete by move in day. But I'm stubborn and I want it all to be done before so I can move in and start focusing on decorating instead of still working on the house. I did hire a company to finish the ceilings and remove the wallpaper and repaint those rooms and they start tomorrow. That will be such a relief to see! They said it will take a solid 7 days to finish all the work we need done which will force me to spend that time at the apartment packing instead of painting which will be nice.

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